Released this past May, Disclosure’s excellent debut album, Settle, is a complex and rhythmic exploration of electronica and house in the 21st century. The album is even classified on its Wikipedia page as “future garage,” whatever that means. On “Apollo,” the British electronic duo’s first release since their album, Guy and Howard Lawrence get back to basics.



“Apollo” isn’t as dynamic as some of the stronger songs on Settle; instead, it’s a straight and simple deep house track complete with sinister synths, a chopped up, desperate vocal sample and a dark, warbling bass that splashes the song with a small dose of tangible terror. The track manages to maintain momentum throughout, culminating in a tension-building breakdown near the end that features laser gunfire and sporadic, tsunami warning-sounding synth flares that would have been perfectly at home somewhere in Kanye’s Yeezus. Compared to the duo’s past standouts, “Apollo” ranks somewhere in the middle, but, being that it’s Disclosure, you’ll still have no problem moving your feet.

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