During Fall Break I had a bit more time for leisure activities, so I spent some time browsing social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, etc. While scrolling through Facebook, a friend shared a link to a Yahoo article titled, “Chris Brown Thinks Ebola Is a Form of Population Control.”

Sierra Brown

Being a fan of the well-known R&B singer wasn’t the sole reason for clicking on the article. “Thinks Ebola Is a Form of Population Control” really stuck out and bothered me. I hoped Brown’s thoughts were misconstrued, because no one in their right mind could possibly compare the deaths resulting from Ebola to population control. Thus, I began reading the article with the anticipation that its contents wouldn’t be as bad as the title made it sound.

The article disclosed that Chris Brown shared his thoughts concerning Ebola on Twitter. He apparently tweeted, “I don’t know … But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. S–t is getting crazy bruh.” Wanting this tweet to be somewhat of a bad joke, I typed it into Google and found many other sources restating the claims of the Yahoo article. In a matter of seconds I received about 2,270,000 results referring to Chris Brown’s tweet.

After offering his thoughts on the Ebola outbreak, many of Brown’s 13.7 million Twitter followers disagreed with his judgment. Minutes after his first tweet, Brown tweeted, “Let me shut my black a– up!” That would probably be best. The comment seemed very unnecessary and slightly ignorant. Was Brown hinting that governments are screwed up enough to target people through an infectious and fatal disease? If so, what proof had he been given? Maybe he tried his luck at saying something intelligent but his comments backfired. Perhaps he was regretful of his Ebola tweet, and tried to retract it by sending his second tweet about shutting up.

However, the outrage and angry tweets did not cease. @TheMichaelMoran tweeted, “You know what the discussion of the Ebola epidemic needed? More stupid. Here comes Chris Brown.”

@WarrenHolstein stated, “Chris Brown tweeted that Ebola is ‘a form of population control.’ He should try it.”

@MyPresidentPK commented, “Chris Brown’s wondering if Ebola is a form of population control. Obviously it isn’t. DUH. If it was, we would have given it to him first.”

While some of these tweets may seem a bit harsh, it’s not hard to see why his Twitter followers were upset. The Ebola outbreak has caused more than 4,000 deaths, according to the World Health Organization. While it affected multiple countries in West Africa, cases were diagnosed in Spain as well as the United States. Recently, a U.S. patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, died and the nurse treating him, Nina Pham, tested positive for the disease. Thus, the Ebola outbreak is nothing short of dangerous and deadly. For this to be the case, it seems highly unnecessary to suggest that these sudden, unfortunate deaths are a form of population control.

However, not all of Chris Brown’s followers had negative feedback. ABC 7, Los Angeles, released an article sharing tweets from supporters of Brown’s Ebola theory. @MaronzioVance tweeted, “Hate to say it. But I agree with Chris Brown for the first time ever. Ebola is a form of population control. Love it or leave it.” Since more than a few people agreed with the popular singer, maybe he’s not as crazy as many write him off as. Is it possible that he’s just brave enough to say what many people are thinking?

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