A Young Money dream team has come together for Nicki Minaj’s new track, “Only.” If only Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake and Chris Brown hadn’t made it so damn uncomfortable.


Nicki Minaj feat. Drake, Lil’ Wayne and Chris Brown
Young Money Entertainment

“I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake,” Minaj spits at the song’s opening. Fast forward to Drake’s verse: “I never fucked Nicki cause she got a man / But when that’s over then I’m first in line.” Fast forward again to Wayne’s verse: “I never fucked Nicki and that’s fucked up.” I’m sorry, what?

Young Money is on a downward spiral. Lil Wayne’s new album is M.I.A, Drake’s new single is a flop and Minaj’s album has been pushed back (again) to Dec. 15.

Incorporating four powerhouse rappers/Young Money vets on a Dr. Luke-produced track should’ve been gold. Sadly, this is far from the case. The beat borders on elevator music: What the hell, Dr. Luke? With the exception of Nicki’s opener, the verses are increasingly uncomfortable. The highlight of the track is Brown’s hook, mainly because it is completely detached from the content of the verses. Even then, who really cares about Chris Brown anymore?

Which Young Money genius said, “OK lets write a song about how Nicki hasn’t screwed her coworkers, but how they desperately want to screw her”?

It is high time Young Money steps up its game. If the artists continue to release disappointments like this one (or just never release any albums at all), soon they will be Young Bankruptcy.

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