Unlike mere civilians, when Justin Timberlake does something, he does it better than everyone else. Unsurprisingly, music videos are no exception. His latest effort for “TKO” off of The 20/20 Experience — 2 Of 2 is another theatrical display that brings the song to life.


Justin Timberlake

The video, which stars Timberlake along with an emotionally unstable Riley Keough, tracks the duo’s rocky relationship through uncomfortable glances, heated arguments and kitchen sex. Because the natural next step, after you throw a bowl of salad on the ground in fury, is to have sex with Justin Timberlake on a countertop.

Between the flashbacks of the couple’s ups and downs, the video teases with bits of the unsettling present, showing Timberlake tied to the back of a speeding truck driven by Keough. Apparently kitchen sex can only remedy so much.

Ultimately, Keough throws herself out of the truck, letting national treasure Justin Timberlake drag along with the vehicle as it takes a fateful plunge from a cliff. Disturbing and captivating, “TKO” is another well crafted addition to the Timberlake canon.

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