Fresh off of Pusha T’s latest album, the music video for “Nosetalgia,” featuring Kendrick Lamar, is an unexpectedly calm video considering the two big name artists it features. The song has a simple, catchy beat that syncs well with the decidedly minimalist video.

Pusha T ft. Kendrick Lamar

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Shot in black and white, the video has an eerie vibe and cinematography that reduces any distracting visual noise. Dim street lights illuminating the block, the duo lazily strolls through a sketchy neighborhood sporting all black in the early hours of the morning, and the viewer has no choice but to pay particularly close attention to the rappers. In fact, they are the only two dynamic objects in the whole video: there is not another moving car or person anywhere in the background.

Without a single cut in the tape, the flow of the video is undisturbed from start to end. After finishing his verse, while still in focus, Pusha T can be seen following behind Kendrick while periodically wiping his nose and neck — in a very deliberate fashion — as if he’d recently snorted coke and is already sweating from withdrawals. Assuming that nether was banging rails before the shoot, they both do a solid job of emulating crack heads.

Clearly, though, this music video is out of the ordinary. There’s no producer plugging himself every 30 seconds, shouting “DJ KHALED,” no scantily clad women gyrating in the background and at no point is there a cutaway in the filming to the rappers in different clothes at a different location. The videography of “Nosetalgia” is on point, and is a refreshing calm in the storm of obnoxiously over-produced gangster-rap music videos today.

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