“Sun Hands” fans rejoice — the Local Natives that released 2009’s LP Gorilla Manor is, thankfully, recognizable as the same band behind the newly released single “Breakers.”


Local Natives

The single, part of the LA group’s upcoming release Hummingbird, is thick with the same sounds that brought the band’s first album to (almost) indie fame.

Listeners will be happy to hear the now-familiar hard hitting drums, the stinging bursts of clapping, the vocals that rise and fall over beachy guitar chords.

But despite all the similarities, there’s something different going on in “Breakers.”

The song is lighter and more melodic than its Gorilla Manor predecessors ever were — powerful vocals push the track forward, but are expertly balanced out by softer background coos and flickering keyboard keys.

The track exudes a sometimes-breezy, sometimes-frenzied sound that feels graceful and charismatic at every turn.
“Breakers” is just as addictive as “Sun Hands,” but a lot less clunky. Hopefully, the rest of Hummingbird won’t break down and disappoint, and will instead bring more of the same sound to the table.

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