Weeks ago, a Michigan State University student was walking to class and was hit by a car in the crosswalk. He was thrown onto the windshield, his body broke the mirror off the car, and he landed 10 feet away. The driver did stop but seemed more interested in her broken mirror than the person she hit. No one helped this young man or offered to call for help! He was disoriented, had a headache for three days, an arm injury and was very sore. The student has said, “I do really wish that a bystander would have stepped in when it all happened; however, everyone just went about going to class once they saw me up and walking.”

That same week, a fellow Big Ten student was hit by a football player, his head snapping, and he got up, wobbly, on his feet. Unfortunately, no one stepped up immediately to help Michigan quarterback Shane Morris either, despite thousands of people advocating for him in the form of booing to the football staff. I was in the stands, screaming at the top of my lungs on behalf of this student.

Both of these Big Ten students deserve better. As a society, we have become too complacent and do not step up to help others. When you see someone get hurt in front of you, why don’t you take action? I know it is scary to get involved, but someone’s life may be on the line, and you can make a difference.

After a bowl game pep rally years ago, a car crash happened right in front of the van I was in with fellow college football fans. Our van pulled over, and we helped the injured grandpa and grandson whose car flipped over. We called 911 while the lady who caused the crash took off. The grandpa was taken to the hospital, and his car was totaled. When we got back in our van, we were all quiet, and someone said, “That puts this football game into perspective.”

Let’s all vow to do the right thing and step up when action needs to be taken. Ask if someone needs help or call 911 to have others assist them. After all, it may be you one day who needs help, and hopefully a fellow human being will step up to assist you!

Lynn Halton is a University alum.

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