All glitter, glam and hard liquor, Ke$ha is an explosion of electro-pop nonsense that the clubs and charts lap up like honey. She entered the scene just as the pop landscape began to abandon all sense of lyrical innovation and vocal variation in favor of electric vwerps, metallic autotune and fist-pumping percussion. Her upcoming album Warrior will surely be more of the same from the gum-smacking, Jack-slurping pop star.

Die Young


Her latest single, “Die Young” suggests as much. With more or less the same message conveyed by “Bad Girls” — but none of the instrumental variation or well-pieced hooks of the infectious M.I.A banger — “Die Young” is the same noisy Ke$ha anthem we’ve been hearing on Top 40 radio since her rise in 2010.

Even though she’s hardly the lyrical genius, Ke$ha has thrown out some deliciously raw, absurd verses in the past.
But “Die Young” is a little too safe, a little too sugary. That, combined with her strained belt, makes the track easy to mistake for a new Katy Perry release. But then she starts her signature talk-singing — never, ever to be confused with real rapping. Yep, it’s Ke$ha.

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