There’s a reason why Seth MacFarlane will host the Oscars this year: His unwavering ability to make daring, controversial statements by way of farce and charm is unmatched. So what’s his target of the week? Somewhat ironically, it’s the television industry.

Family Guy

“Ratings Guy”

When the Griffin family is selected by the Nielsen Company to use a device that monitors their TV viewing habits, Peter threatens to tank the rankings of certain programs, unless they spice things up to his liking.

Suddenly, Mad Men duel with light sabers and COPS tote banana guns. When a mob of angry Quahog viewers attacks, Peter runs to the Producer’s Guild to restore faith in the small screen.

The day is saved when J.J. Abrams develops a show about an alien who goes back in time and encounters a koala bear in an eastern European town, 15 workplace comedies where people talk to the camera are in the works, New Jersey freaks are “in,” Dick Wolf makes the same “Law and Order” six times and everyone left makes a talent show. Sound familiar?

Basically, a Darth Vader Don Draper doesn’t seem so farfetched now, does it?

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