This week’s “Criminal Minds” brings the usual suspense and intrigue. The episode begins with the discovery of a murdered family, and the father framed as the killer. After another family goes missing, it becomes clear that this is actually the handiwork of a psychopath, and the BAU team must prevent a deathly fate for the second family.

Criminal Minds

“Through the Looking Glass”

While certainly not the most captivating episode of “Criminal Minds,” “Glass” still maintains a creative plot line as the family dynamics and troubles are unraveled.

However, the suspense hits a new high as the mother shoots herself, at the request of the kidnapper, in order to possibly save the life of her son.

“Glass” seems to be so successful not only because the audience gets a glimpse into the criminal’s mind, as usual, but audience members also get insight into a family probably not too far from their own. As the family is forced to look deep inside themselves, the viewer is equally forced to look at the dynamics that may be brewing within their own family. It’s episodes like these that show why “Criminal Minds” has been so successful for more than seven seasons.

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