OK here we go. This is the beginning. This is going so fast, and everyone is creepier looking than I remember. I also just mixed C the worst possible drink in history and I have no snacks downstairs and I’m too lazy to go upstairs. The irreverent, fast paced comedy still maintains humor even though a lot of the tropes are overused. So from what I’ve gathered, the plot of this episode revolves around Tina and Gene being in competing middle school musicals, both based on somewhat iconic ’80s movies, “Working Girl” and “Die Hard.” There’s scheming by Louise of course, because Louise is always schemey. There are some serious problems with this episode though. There was barely any Bob or Linda or TINA for crying out loud, how can you forget the best character of this show?? There’s also a little too much singing in this episode for my taste, literally every other scene is completely singing?? Boooooo. But there’s a nice moral to the story! Sentimental shit hits hard, even if it is “Bob’s Burgers.” I also just forgot how to type a comma.

— Daily Arts Writer


A nice dance number by a guy who looks like a girl … It’s fine. Why is this kid singing? Like what is the purpose of this? Working Girl the musical looks promising I guess. Is time even passing? “Bob’s Burgers” is like a continuous stream of conscious thought … Some Confucius shit. ”Waiting is gross” HAHA THAT’S SUCH A GOOD LINE I’M GONNA FINNA USE THAT FOREVER. What’s the blonde chicks name she’s so bitchy it’s awesome. They should change the name of the show this literally has nothing to do with burgers. This is now taking a turn into a NEGATIVE review. This show kind of is the opposite of good. “It’s the boiler room, it’s boiling” wow these characters aren’t very bright SMH. Honestly, do I even have the credentials to judge bobs burgers? I don’t even know bob and I rarely eat red meat. Gene’s character development is happening way too fast OK how is he already the lead role in the musical when I just met him five minutes ago? He should slow his roll for real and maybe buy me dinner first before this escalates too quickly. There’s too many musicals to keep track of in this episode honestly the director should’ve been more accommodating to me and my limited attention span. Oh shit everything just got so sentimental like the music and everything. I might even feel feelings/emotions!!!! Haha AHAHAHAH just kidding I didn’t because this is “Bob’s Burgers.” Ooooh OK the sentimental shit was because they’re combining WORKING GIRL AAAAAND DIE HARD into a musical called WORKING HARD!!!! Cool!!!!

— Daily Arts Writer


I do like Bob’s Burgers, I really do. I think it’s funny and creative, and this means a lot coming from a person who really doesn’t like adult cartoons, at all. I truly didn’t even know that this show was in it’s fifth season already though, and learning that before watching made me a little more critical since it’s easy for shows to lose a lot of the original endearing humor after a few years, the kind that Bob’s Burgers is known for. So the episode has a musical theme, which sets me off a little bit initially because I’m not always down with the musical themed episode thing that some shows tend to resort to. But this is all right! Along with the gagging going along with a terrible mixed drink and some “what the hells,” there was a good amount of laughing on my end as well as my variously intoxicated co-writers. You got shenanigans from Louise, butt-related comments from Tina and the Belcher family ganging up on that weird school psychologist. In the end, it was a funny episode and I give the creators credit for doing a musical-themed episode.

— Kathleen Davis

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