It’s been over 10 years since Beyoncé and Jay Z started messing around with Bonnie & Clyde imagery, but they seem to have gotten even more enamored with it these last few months. First the On the Run Tour, then Bey singing “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” in the HBO special trailer, and now this short film (inexplicably scrubbed from the Internet not long after its release) that includes every outlaw cliché in the book.

“Bang Bang: Part 1”

Beyoncé & Jay-Z
Directed by Dikayl Rimmasch

Beyoncé looks fabulous, made-up and dressed like a prohibition era jazz singer, while Hov is still rocking his Reasonable Doubt look two decades later. They drive on a desert road, Jay shoots out a mailbox and later puts out his cigar on a dude’s hamburger, and then there’s some sexiness while the credits roll. Instead of dialogue, we get music from the “For A Few Dollars More” soundtrack.

The black-and-white short film is apparently part one of three, compiled from footage shot during the couple’s last tour. You won’t watch it for the plot, and there aren’t any Jay Z or Beyoncé songs, but sometimes looking stylish is enough for a short video. Maybe it doesn’t merit multiple views, but Hov and Yoncé look amazingly cool, which is more than enough to entertain you and hold your interest for three minutes.

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