Jake Gyllenhaal is awesome. There’s literally nothing to dislike about him – he’s a wonderfully versatile actor who seems like the kind of guy you wouldn’t mind knocking back a couple of beers with. He can rock a great beard and all the women fancy him. He’s got it all.


Bold Films

Coming across as a real creep is a surprising addition to Gyllenhaal’s repertoire, but he performs it with aplomb in the trailer for Dan Gilroy’s next film, “Nightcrawler.” “My motto is – if you want to win the lottery, you’ve to make the money to buy a ticket,” says his character, reminding you of that overeager know-it-all who sits in at least one of your classes. He’s desperate for any job, and jumps at the chance to become a TV newscaster, doing whatever it takes to provide the scoop before anyone else. But how far will he go in his quest to do and be something?

While promising themes – the ethical issues of providing headline-grabbing news and the intoxicating nature of success that began with desperation – are shown to be the focal point of the film, the trailer itself is poorly constructed. A clumsy montage of clips dilutes the tension with unnecessary comedy and even the lip-sync is way off in some places. Still, the trailer makes it look like a watchable film, and then again – a little bit of Gyllenhaal never hurt anybody.

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