Now in its fifth season, “MasterChef” is a well-oiled machine. When it reaches the end of each season, the FOX reality series is always at its best; they’ve narrowed down an entirely-too-large contestant pool to only the great chefs. In the season finale, the judges are familiar enough with the contestants’ cooking that their criticisms are sharper than ever. Concurrently, the contestants’ dishes are at their most complicated and delicious.

Masterchef — Top 3 Compete / Winners Chosen

Returns Next Summer

“MasterChef” ’s biggest problem however presents in the series’ editing. There’s deliberate work being done to draw out every moment. Each time host Gordon Ramsay speaks, it seems like he’s pausing after every word. In this week’s episode, the camera cuts to several people for about 30 seconds in between Ramsay saying “the winner is” and actually revealing that Courtney, a former stripper who makes some beautiful food, had in fact won.

It’s a shame that’s the case, because the actual “cooking competition” component of the show is actually quite delightful. Each person in the final three were excellent home cooks, and the series displayed each of their personalities well enough that any winner would have made for a satisfying conclusion.

It’s a shame that the producers of shows like “MasterChef” feel the need to over-edit the big moments. If they were willing to change that, the aging series could be reinvigorated in a great way. For now though, it’s still fairly entertaining, and ultimately that’s all that matters.

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