Movie trailers notoriously reveal, and often ruin, (what usually turn out to be) the best parts of an upcoming film in order to snag the viewers’ attention. Even from a chopped up, three-minute excerpt, we sometimes feel like we’ve “seen too much.” But if this is the best that “Pain & Gain,” has to offer, then whoever cut this thing is doing moviegoers a big favor, and I’ve see more than enough already.

“Pain and Gain”


Daniel (Mark Wahlberg, “Broken City”), a down-on-his-luck gym rat who wants to get rich quick, teams up with Paul (Dwayne Johnson, “Empire State”) and Adrian (Anthony Mackie, “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete”) to kidnap rich businessman Victor (Tony Shaloub, “Movie 43”), and steal all of his money.

Not only does a trio of grown men kidnapping a corrupt billionaire make for the silliest of plot lines, but the greedy threesome executes the assault with a taser while wearing Halloween costumes and communicating via walkie talkies. Throw in a few more immature, comic conventions like a boisterous midget and a freaky fat chick, and not even an overzealous “this is a true story” disclaimer convince that there’s something to gain by seeing this movie.

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