Marvin Gaye is part of a small group of legendary musicians that artists today seem reluctant to sample. Similar to the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix or Prince, Gaye’s music is so revered that the expectations for the artist sampling it are unrealistically high. Somehow, though, Robin Thicke manages to do Gaye justice on his latest single, “Blurred Lines,” featuring T.I. and his label boss, Pharrell.

Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell and T.I.

“Blurred Lines”
Star Trak/Interscope

The song, which samples Gaye’s classic “Got to Give It Up,” and is one of Pharrell’s best beats in years, grooves hard from the opening bass line. By the time the multilayered and carnal harmonies of the chorus come in, the song is completely on fire.

T.I. hops in near the end, telling his woman that he’s waiting “for you to salute the truly pimpin’ ” and delivering the same type of witty and buoyant verse he brought to another R&B jam — Justin Timberlake’s “My Love.” Blending vintage funk and modern flair, and oozing with palpable sensuality, “Blurred Lines,” with a little help from Marvin Gaye, is a soon-to-be smash that should have dance floors moving for years.

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