Rihanna said she wants her eighth album, currently referred to as R8, to be “timeless.” Not long after, we get “Bitch Better Have My Money.” Will everyone still be “turning up to Rihanna while the whole club fucking wasted” in 40 years? I mean, I probably will be, but I may be a poor judge of timelessness.

Bitch Better Have My Money

Roc Nation

Rihanna gave us her timeless “FourFiveSeconds,” and I am happy to see Riri return to some of her signature thumping in-you-face fighting lyrics. She knows she is hot; we know she’s hot; and she knows that we know that she’s hot.

The beats are surprising minimalist for producer Kanye West; without any deep bass drops, this song gets its flow from Rihanna’s lyrics and their delivery. Her flow is infectious, especially in lines such as “Louis XIII and it’s all on me,” and “Shit, your wife in the backseat of my brand new foreign car.” At first listen, the song may sound as if it lacking a catch, but after a few more plays it will have listeners chanting along.

I don’t know if this bitch has Rihanna’s money, but I will gladly throw her my $1.29 to have this sure-to-be hit in my music library.

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