“Whip It” first made an appearance as the fun-but-forgettable opening track on iLoveMakonnen’s Drink More Water 4 mixtape in 2014. It featured the rapper’s now trademark wavery and wobbly flow as he playfully free-styled over a poorly mixed beat and said “whip it” a shit ton of times.

Whip It (Remix)

iLoveMakonnen ft. Migos and Rich the Kid

But 2015 is a new year, Drink More Water 5 is a new mixtape and “Whip It (Remix)” is a new banger. This remix features a reworked Makonnen verse and a newly remastered beat. Most notable, though, is the employment of rappers Migos and Rich the Kid. With verses more catchy than Makonnen’s, the fellow Atlanta rappers add a new energy to the track, giving it that this could actually play at a party feel that some iLoveMakonnen songs just don’t have.

But, the hook – “teach me how to whip it, teach me how to whip it” – doesn’t have the strength to carry the song. And Makonnen’s characteristically choppy delivery sounds a little too jagged, leaving us with little to latch on to, little to hum in our heads a couple minutes after the first listen.

Still, no one can resist a good Migos feature.

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