I heard many different things before coming to Europe, specifically Italy. Watch out for the pickpocketers. Don’t talk to strangers. Be careful traveling. Don’t walk around at night alone. So on and so forth. But perhaps the most repeated warning was to beware of European men.

We’ve all heard the stereotypes. They are in books, movies, songs, television, etc. I mean, I’ve seen the episode of “Full House” with Uncle Jesse’s (not so) distant relative Stavros from Greece. He was creepy. And OK, there are creepy European men lurking the streets catcalling and hissing (yup) at girls, but creepy people are everywhere. What’s not everywhere is men who look like they came straight out of a Gucci ad. You have to look at the glass half full and look at the positive, because the number of good-looking guys definitely outweighs the creeps.

Now I know some people antiquate “hipster” style with Goodwill and garage sales, but I associate it with an urban coffee-lover type of vibe, and so to me the European man is the original hipster. Before being hipster was even a term, before it got twisted into becoming an excuse to hate everyone, everything mainstream and brand name soap.

Men here walk around with a certain vibe to them. They take care of their appearance but not in a vain or outrageous way, like an episode of “Jersey Shore.” They never look like they spent two hours perfecting their perfectly coiffed hair, but they probably did (how else can one attain that level of perfection?!). And their style is a unique expression of their character and personality. It’s also somewhat of a game. Young people our age in Italy are more than often still living with their parents, most of them won’t even move out and get jobs until their late 20s to early 30s. So the hot guy you see roaming the streets in his perfectly fitted suit with his perfectly coiffed hair, who basically looks like a million bucks, is probably home by 8:00 every night for his mamma’s homemade pasta.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are still some guys around Europe who would never stand out in a crowd, speaking strictly in terms of fashion. However, there’s just something about a European man’s fashion that makes it far superior to that of any other.

Clarification: The last sentence of this article has been edited to best clarify its meaning.

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