Tinashe, perhaps the most promising — yet underappreciated — young talent in R&B, released one of the best music videos of the year on Monday for “All Hands On Deck,” the sizzling third single from her tremendous debut LP, Aquarius.

Situated within the confines of a shipping container, Tinashe bumps and grinds along to the beat, produced by Stargate and Cashmere Cat, while rocking black knee pads, proving she’s the only person who could make protective rollerblading gear sexy. By the chorus, we see that she’s 100 feet up in a shipyard surrounded by six dancers, all slaying their way through intense, explosive choreography in their own individual containers.

The clip was bound to be a visual spectacle considering its director, Ben Mor, was also behind two of Britney Spears’s more memorable videos in recent memory, “Work Bitch” and “Scream & Shout.” It’s Tinashe’s first true high-concept visual (she’s known to shoot a lot of her own videos and record her mixtapes at home), which provided her with the perfect platform to put her all-encompassing talents on display and build off of the success of “2 On.”

Throughout, there are a multitude of outfit changes that range everywhere from a crop top and leopard pants to a “Black Swan”-esque get-up complete with thigh-high tights made of chalk. As day turns to night, Tinashe throws on an epic, reflective trench coat made of foil. The shipping containers in the sky light up in white and red as the silhouettes of Tinashe’s crew dance effortlessly into the night. The whole thing thrills.

In the video’s final fifteen seconds, after the track has come to a screeching halt, the camera slowly zooms in on its star. Breathing hard, but striking a pose that makes it look all too easy, Tinashe stares right at us through the camera. She knows she’s a superstar and that she can blow ya mind, like that — it’s just a matter of time before the world acknowledges that, too.

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