The re-release of “Jurassic Park” in 3-D prompts a very simple, yet essential question … “Why?” Why re-release the film? Won’t it be the same movie all over again? Why make a trip to the cinema to see a movie that can be viewed in the comfort of your room? Why would a rational consumer be willing to spend money for something that can now be enjoyed for free?

Jurassic Park 3-D

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Why, indeed.

Because, as a movie buff, you are not a “rational consumer.” Because, when a T-Rex stares right at you, you still take Dr. Grant’s advice and dare not move a muscle. Because, watching two velociraptors stalk two children in a kitchen is still scary enough to give you goose bumps. Because, hearing the words “Welcome to Jurassic Park” accompanied by that ineffable music is still one of the most magical moments you’ve experienced as a viewer. Because that shot of the T-rex roaring in the visitor’s center as the banner falls still screams “AWESOME.” Because, “Jurassic Park” is still “Jurassic Park.”

Relish the chance as you are once again invited to embark on a fantastic adventure with added 3-D effects, which completes the experience in a truly satisfying manner. Given that the film is a re-release, it would be extremely surprising if the original cast didn’t reprise their roles. Ride along with familiar faces: Paleontologists Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill, “The Hunt for Red October”) and Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern, “Everything Must Go”), the charismatic and quirky mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum, “Independence Day”) and the delusional-yet-lovable John Hammond, played by Richard Attenborough (“Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”). The plot remains the same throughout its running time of two hours and unfortunately for all hopeful fans, the film does not contain any special or added scenes.

The phrase “big-screen movie” does get thrown around a lot more than it should, and oftentimes films are unreasonably lauded for the added impact they have in a movie theater. However, if there ever was a movie meant for the big screen, it is “Jurassic Park 3-D.” The 3-D effects combine brilliantly with the extraordinary CGI, adding a new dimension to cinematic experience, catapulting the thrill of walking (sometimes, running and screaming) with dinosaurs to a new level. Scenes such as the T-rex’s attack on the occupants of two helpless cars in the middle of a thunderstorm and the velociraptor’s assault on Dr. Sattler in the dark of a control room basement are especially riveting. If, as a child, you weren’t petrified when the T-rex lowered its head to look at you through a car window, chances are, you’re going to come out of this movie feeling a lot different.

Though it might seem like a pointless excursion, watching “Jurassic Park 3-D” is truly a magical experience. Right from the first scene, viewers are guaranteed to shed their reservations and will ultimately allow themselves to enjoy the movie that thrilled them as a younger audience.

Yes, the film can be seen anywhere else for free and yes, it is the exact same film … but that’s what makes the experience so special. The same story is still so captivating and the brilliant CGI effects still hold up to this date. However, the most endearing quality about this film is the sense of joy and excitement you get as the gates of “Jurassic Park” swing open and Ian Malcolm remarks, “What have they got in there, King Kong?”

That is truly a priceless feeling. So, go ahead, give yourself a chance to enjoy what you did as a child; you won’t regret it. Embrace the experience like never before; just take one word of advice: “Hold on to your butts.”

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