I remember exactly where I was. Laying on the olive (puke?) green love seat in my living room with my legs propped up and over the armrest. My laptop was in its usual spot on my stomach as my head stiffly and blankly stared at the screen. I scrolled aimlessly, probably doing the classic log-out-of-Facebook-just-to-log-back-in move on repeat. I bounced from tab to tab until finally a tweet — saying something along the lines of “Kim Kardashian’s Vogue cover is here!” — caught my eye. Pardon me for forgetting the exact verbiage, but I was losing my goddamn mind.

I’m not one to be shy about my fervent fascination/obsession/love for the Kardashians. I once wrote over 700 words on it and probably could have kept on going, which is essentially what I’m about to do here.

Due to both my keeping up with the Kardashians as well as fashion industry happenings (as much as one can do from Ann Arbor), I’d been keenly aware of the whispers and speculations over Kim Kardashian’s unfavorable relationship with Vogue. The rumors were all over the place, saying Kanye West begged Anna Wintour to put Kim on the cover or that Anna only allowed Kim to attend the Met Gala if she could chose that gown (a polarizing, head-to-toe floral Riccardo Tisci gown).

In short: it seemed more likely that Bruce Jenner’s face would revert back to human form than for Kim to ever grace the cover of Vogue.

But alas, there is a God and Her name is Anna Wintour, who in her editor’s letter seemed to debunk any distaste toward Kim, saying that “through her grace of character, (Kim) has created a place for herself in the glare of the world’s spotlight, and it takes real guts to do that.”

Whether those sentiments have been Anna’s all along, I do not care, because the Kimye issue fucking delivered. I’ll gloss over the details we already know: Kim and Kanye are on the cover, with Kim donning a gorgeous Lanvin wedding gown. OK, moving on.

The article and photos hiding themselves within the 286-page issue are worth noting, ranging from heartwarming (“There was no girl in the world that could pull me away from her,” Kanye said — I want to believe!) to insanely over-the-top (see: glossy photo of Kanye leaning against Kim on a matte black Lamborghini in what looks like the the first moves toward the conception of South West).

Sometimes, the couple seems, well, removed from reality, but I still find it hard judge when Kim’s everyday life consists of 30+ people following her every move. I guess there are some things that only she and I can truly understand.

Despite the lavishness, supposed drama and confusing bits — such as “Kanye later cast Kim as a scantily clad Princess Leia in the pilot for ‘Alligator Boots,’ a raunchy hip-hop ‘Muppets Show’ ” — that raise more questions than provide answers, the pop culture prowess of Kimye is officially undeniable. (Real talk though, if someone has more information on “Alligator Boots,” shoot me an e-mail.) With Anna Wintour’s official stamp of approval by way of what is bound to be the most popular magazine cover of the year, Kimye — as a unit — has now breached the concrete walls of the fashion world, making their presence nothing short of ubiquitous.

If anyone were to propel Kanye West and Kim Kardashian further into their cultural domination, it would be Anna Wintour. And for those who roll their eyes at the thought of a reality show star and her rapper fiancé on the cover, keep in mind who gave the green light. As always, what Anna says goes.

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