When I once told my cousin from California that I wasn’t fond of raw fish, she laughed and said, “That’s so middle-of-the-country of you.” As a born and raised Midwesterner, I was insulted. And as a Wolverine, I was irked that she would so rudely assume all of Midwest was a cultural wasteland. The best part of Ann Arbor is it’s diverse restaurant and entertainment scene, which is why my favorite place to relax after a long week is over a plate of shrimp tempura at Sadako.

Wedged into a tiny storefront on South University, Sadako is not a visual escape, nor does it have any pseudo-Japanese gimmicks — it uses its fresh, simple food to attract customers. You are guaranteed to get exceptional sushi at a low price, surrounded by a diverse mix of sorority girls, tweed-covered professors and international students there for a taste of home. Sadako has options for sushi wimps like myself, with creamy California rolls and crisp Shrimp tempura, while also boasting beautiful seafood creations for those more adventurous. My friends swear by the Cobra rolls, which consist of eel and shrimp nestled between avocado and cucumber. Sadako is humble in all its glory, which makes those $5 rolls all the more satisfying.


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