Within my first five days at the University, I’d already determined which food truck I’d be visiting as often as I could during my undergrad years. I’d amble over to West Quad whenever I would spot the Insomnia Cookies truck — my own little piece of heaven — and look in anticipation, waiting impatiently to get my hands covered in some ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies.

It wasn’t until a lot later that I realized Insomnia cookies weren’t for the sober and sane. Their goodness can only be appreciated in a state of alcohol-induced or sleep-deprived drunkenness — a state most University students almost constantly inhabit. The sweetness, the gooey-ness, the perfection of the cookies is a heart warmer on a cold Michigan night spent at the UGLi. These cookies couldn’t be more strategically marketed — nothing satisfies the late night munchies quite like they do. Possibly out of all my late night indulgences in Ann Arbor, I’m going to miss this one the most.


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