Dressed in crisp white button-ups, black aprons and stunning red ties, waiters at Gratzi float table to table with decadent (yet simple) pasta dishes balanced on trays. Occasionally, one will halt under the wonderful Renaissance-style mural painted on the wall to gracefully pour a bottle of Italian red, or to place a long plate filled with rustic meats and robust cheeses in front of smiling diners. The mournful melody of magnificent Italian singing suffuses the dining room, not too loud, but just enough to invoke an archaic, old country mood.

First antipasti, a misti plate including prosciutto, lemony cheese, and the best red peppers ever, served with Zingerman’s bread (nothing but the best, of course). A bottle of wine? Va bene! A main course of Seafood Linguine (shout-out to our waiter Ethan for suggesting it, the dish was unreal). For dessert, a vanilla mousse so delicious, it will have you laughing with disbelief. Everyone smiles in Gratzi, the food, the atmosphere, simply lifts the spirits. Treat yourself to some perfectly al dente pasta, some fresh seafood and a great environment. Adesso, io vorrei bere più d’il vino! Molto bene!


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