Chicken tikka masala — the delectable, bright orange gift from the food gods has become one of the most ordered dishes in the world, a must-have entrée on the menu of every restaurant that is in any way associated with the Indian subcontinent. Mediocre restaurants are content with drowning the dish in cream. The best ones use it to bring the ingredients’ natural smokiness to the forefront. Shalimar is one of those restaurants. Conveniently located in the middle of downtown Ann Arbor, Shalimar has established itself as one of the best for one important reason — the food is like Hrithik Roshan dancing in your mouth.

The success carries over further than the spicy take on chicken tikka masala. All of the entrées (try the lamb vindaloo for maximum desi goodness) are similarly delicious because they stick to a natural, Indian flavor. By the same token, nothing is over-spiced, and the following morning will be as comfortable as one of the cushy booths the side of the restaurant. The waiters are kind, everything looks cozy and when all’s said and done, that’s what visiting any nice restaurant is all about: eating great, spicy food while people smile at you.


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