This year, when you cast your vote for Central Student Government executives, you won’t just be casting your ballot for political pleasantries or feel-good slogans. Instead, you’ll be choosing your campus leaders for the upcoming year — leaders who’ll represent the student body to our administration, faculty, the campus community and the outside world. It’s important to consider what each of the candidates and parties will seek to accomplish — and will reasonably achieve — as a student government. This year, youMICH is presenting a platform full of tangible, achievable goals that will positively impact the lives of students on campus. From creating an off-campus bus route to developing an MCard app and increasing student organization funding, we want to make student government all about the students again — all about you.

Our presidential candidate, Business and LSA junior Michael Proppe, has served as CSG’s speaker of assembly for a year and is the president of his business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. LSA sophomore Bobby Dishell, our vice presidential candidate, has served as an LSA representative since November and is the vice president of recruitment for the Interfraternity Council Executive Board. As CSG members and leaders of student organizations, Proppe and Dishell understand that CSG works best when it works for the lives of the students. We aim to help with your student organizations, your campus community and your academics.

Student organizations are the lifeblood of this campus, and CSG should do everything it can to aid and empower them. If elected, we promise to ensure that at least 50 percent of CSG’s budget goes straight back to student organization funding via the Student Organization Funding Commission.

Our proposed off-campus bus route is a smart solution to a serious problem. An off-campus bus route servicing the Hill Street, South University Avenue and Washtenaw Avenue corridors, the State Street and Packard Street area, and those at Scorekeepers will provide students with increased safety, reduce wait times for SafeRide and create a more sustainable campus environment by reducing emissions from dozens of taxis.

We’re working on an Mcard app to eliminate the need to carry your Mcard by incorporating it right onto your smartphone. The Mcard is the key to unlocking the campus community; it gets students into Greek events, buildings, exams, sporting and social events, dining halls and so much more. Why not make it a part of your smartphone and eliminate the need to carry your Mcard everywhere?

youMICH will also create a Student Organization “Sorting Hat” survey to help match incoming students with groups on campus. At orientation, new students will be able to indicate their passions, interests and organizations they were involved in during high school and types of organizations they’d like to join in college. Organizations can indicate what types of profiles match what they’re looking for, and CSG will put new students and organizations in touch with each other.

Creating a 24-hour café in the Duderstadt Center on North Campus is also a no-brainer, and youMICH is proud to have been first to propose this idea in the election. Since we’ve put this in our platform, other parties have followed suit, and we’re flattered by their imitation. The 24-hour café in the Shapiro Undergraduate Library has been a huge success and important part of academic life on campus. Caffeine-starved engineers and artists on North Campus deserve the same round-the-clock support that students can enjoy on Central Campus.

Finally, CSG has done well in supporting student entrepreneurship this year, and we want to keep that work going. We have proposed creating a five-year combined bachelor’s and master’s in Entrepreneurship program that will be housed in a residence hall. This will give the innovative and courageous students a University-supported platform on which to thrive.

There are 43,000 students at Michigan, and it’s time to have a student government that listens to their real concerns and addresses tangible issues on campus. With creative and innovative thinkers responding to student concerns and issues, CSG can become a proactive environment for making academic life and the campus environment all about the students again. Michael Proppe, Bobby Dishell and all of our youMICH candidates will be ready to hit the ground running on day one, and we hope to have the opportunity to serve you. It’s time to have a student government that makes student needs its first and foremost priority — that’s why youMICH is all about you.

Bobby Dishell is an LSA sophomore and Michael Proppe is an LSA junior.

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