Everyone carries their own problems on their back and tries to find some blame for things beyond their control. This past week, we saw tensions rise at the University over an issue about disinvesting from the State of Israel, and there has been much controversy over the result. I will be the first to admit I am biased in this issue. I am Jewish and pro-Israel. However, I do not think resolutions like this belong in the hands of our student government. Its job is to enhance the life of students on campus and it should not be forced to play a role in a highly polarizing issue that divides members of the campus. People have been arguing that Central Student Government has been “cowards” because they ended the debate on the issue by tabling the motion to end the bill indefinitely. However, not all members of CSG are personally invested in the issue and may not know enough about either side to make a justified stance on the issue. Tabling the motion might not have been the right decision, but it was the best given the options.

This resolution would’ve separated people on campus. Yesterday, I was talking to someone about the issue and she feared there might have been a race issue that the campus is ignoring. She asked me, “How does a white privileged girl like yourself know about the shame that the minority students feel on campus?” My answer: I don’t. I personally cannot know what it was like to grow up as a racial minority in white America. But, I am Jewish and I’ve been a victim of anti-Semitism. I’ve witnessed people putting swastikas at a high school in my hometown, I’ve been called Christ-killer, I’ve been told I am going to hell for just being Jewish, and that hurt. My grandparents were Holocaust survivors; my grandfather survived Mauthausen Concentration Camp. Anyone that is a minority faces some kind of stigma that some members of society won’t accept.

I am not asking for sympathy, everyone has their own problems. We should look past our own problems and try to find common ground among our social groups. We are all students at this University who come from all backgrounds. We come together to make this campus a diverse and enriching atmosphere. We should embrace those differences and find things that make us the same. People reading this might call me a racist just because of my stance on the issue. I am willing to sit and talk in an open forum. I am willing to talk and listen — you might find out we have more in common than we realize.

People need to stop blaming others for actions that are beyond their control. It hinders cooperation and growth. It divides us. Blaming CSG is not going to solve the issue, it’s just going to raise tensions further.

Lauren Grossmann is an LSA junior.

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