As students at the University of Michigan committed to the self-determination and humanity of all peoples, we, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality, along with the undersigned organizations, call for our University to work towards divestment from Boeing, Caterpillar, G4S and United Technologies, which facilitate or profit off of violence against Palestinians.

For the following reasons, we support divestment from Boeing and United Technologies. Boeing supplies the Israeli military with F-15 aircraft and Apache Longbow helicopters, and United Technologies supplies Israel with Blackhawk helicopters and engines for Israel’s F-15 and F-16 aircraft. Israel’s assault on the occupied Gaza Strip this summer killed at least 1,473 civilians, 501 of whom were children. Gaza has also been under siege for nine years, during which time Israel has conducted three major military operations against it, demolishing civilian infrastructure and killing thousands. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have both accused Israel of committing war crimes in the latest assault.

For the following reasons, we support divestment from Caterpillar, which supplies bulldozers and civil engineering tools used in illegal mass demolitions of Palestinian homes in the occupied territories, in the construction of the separation wall and settlements on Palestinian land and in military operations. Since 1967, Israel has destroyed more than 27,000 Palestinian homes and structures in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, demolitions that have been condemned by Human Rights Watch. These demolitions make way for Jewish-only settlements in the West Bank, which are illegal under international law. Israel’s separation barrier restricts Palestinians’ freedom of movement, dividing Palestinian families and effectively annexing 9.5 percent of the West Bank.

For the following reasons, we support divestment from G4S, which supplies equipment used in hundreds of Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank, and provides security systems for prisons in which Palestinian political prisoners are held. Checkpoints restrict Palestinians’ freedom of movement, impeding access to medical care, work and education. Israel regularly holds Palestinians indefinitely without charge and subjects prisoners to torture, including children. West Bank Palestinians are subject to Israeli military courts in which the conviction rate is 99.74 percent, while Israeli settlers are subject to civilian courts.

As students at the University of Michigan, we have the responsibility to critically examine the investments of our University. Thus, we support SAFE’s resolution calling for divestment from the aforementioned companies with the expectation that the University of Michigan will invest ethically.

If you would like your organization to sign on, please contact

In solidarity,

African Students Association
Ann Arbor to Ferguson
Ann Arbor Palestine Film Festival
Arab Students’ Association
Black Student Union
Chaldean American Student Association
Coalition for Queer People of Color
Doors of Opportunity
Egyptian Students Association
Human Rights through Education
International Socialist Organization-Ann Arbor
Iraqi Students Association
Jewish Voice for Peace
Lebanese Students Association
Michigan Latin@ Assembly
Michigan Women of Color Collective
Middle East and Arab Network
Migrant and Immigrants Rights Advocacy
Muslim Students’ Association
Native American Students’ Association
Noir Fashion
Rebuilding Together
Red de Solidaridad con México en Michigan/Michigan Solidarity Network with Mexico
Sikh Student Association
Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Student Socialist Union
Student Union of Michigan
The Detroit Partnership
United Coalition for Racial Justice
Vietnamese Students Association
Wolverine Tutors
South Asian Awareness Network
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends
Feminist Forum
RC Diversity Forum
Arab Organizations at the University of Michigan

Mekarem Eljamal, LSA sophomore, and Tahany Alsabahi, LSA sophomore, on behalf of Students Allied for Freedom and Equality.

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