I believe in the University of Michigan.

I have confidence in the fresh leadership of University President Mark Schlissel and the administration of the University, and — most of all — Jim Harbaugh. I believe in the 19 exceptional schools and colleges this University houses and the diverse perspectives from professors who work daily to create a better generation of Michigan Wolverines. I believe in each and every one of my fellow Wolverines; 43,625 students call Ann Arbor their home, and I’m proud to call them my Michigan family.

I believe in the passion of leaders in the 1,375 clubs this University offers. I believe in the abilities of the governing bodies of each University school and college. I believe in the power of the student’s voice on this campus, and the idea of tangible changes being made by passionate, dedicated student representatives. I believe in the freedom to discuss the ideas that flourish with intellectual diversity.

I am Greek. I firmly believe in Greek life and the benefits it provides to the University and the community.

The University of Michigan is truly a prodigious and nonpareil institution, and the students who work to represent this University at the level it deserves are truly unbelievable in regards to their service, leadership and exceptional work ethic.

The students in the University’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu did not represent the reputation of this University and Greek life at the level it deserves: they tarnished it. We deserve better.

The University is moving past that ski trip weekend, Sigma Alpha Mu’s International Headquarters is moving past that weekend, and now the Central Student Government should move past that weekend. It’s concerning that a potential bystander of this incident may become elected as the vice president of CSG. We deserve better.

I have difficulty believing in the leadership of a person, who would be representing 43,625 students of this campus, when he was present at the disastrous Treetops Resort ski weekend. As this damaging news spread across thousands of televisions, smartphones and computers around the country, it tarnished the brand of the University and caused parents to call their students with questions as to whether or not they knew the individuals responsible for this destruction. We deserve better.

I have difficulty believing in the leadership of a person who inconsistently says he cannot be judged on the actions of his fraternity brothers, while also boasting about his position as rush chair of his fraternity for two semesters, thus potentially recruiting the members who destroyed the ski resort. We deserve better.

I’m not here to judge whether or not CSG vice presidential candidate Matt Fidel participated in these events, to shed him in a negative light or dispute his qualifications: he is a fellow Wolverine. I’m writing because the University community needs to move past the issues arising from the ski trip fiasco. We deserve better.

The CSG vice president should exemplify the high University standard and reputation of being the leaders and best. The University needs to move forward. If “The Team” is more important than the University, count me out, because we deserve better.

Grant Strobl is an LSA freshman.

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