Spring break: excessive drinking, mindless partying and questionable decision making all crammed together in a nine-day block on every college calendar in the country. That’s what Hollywood thinks, anyway. I don’t know about you guys, but working on a problem set in the middle of vacation is enough of a slap of reality across the face to remind that life will never be as interesting as that of any one of the leads in Harmony Korine’s “Spring Breakers,” set for a wide release tomorrow.

“Spring Breakers”


If there’s a relevant point to be discerned from the film’s flamboyant, Skrillex-serenaded trailer, it’s that we shouldn’t go by Korine’s first name. The visionary (some would call twisted) director who brought us classics such as “Kids” and “Trash Humpers” takes every conceivable spring break stereotype and stabs it “Pulp Fiction”-style with a shot of adrenaline. In addition to the wonted alcohol and sex, we have guns, drugs and James Franco. This isn’t the pothead James Franco we’ve come to know and love. The Korined version sports a grill, wears his hair in cornrows and calls himself Alien.

A rapper by trade, the enigmatic character lures in our cast of rambunctious ex-Disney Channel starlets into a world of criminal thrills and consequences, and at first, everything’s fun and games, “like a video game.” As everything slowly implodes, the trailer is hyperbolized to the point of fantasy, flushed with that expected tinge of bright neon and impactful slow-mo to further develop the satirized, otherworldly nature of the mayhem unfolding on screen. Is it unfathomable? Yes. Fun? Hell, yes. And at the end of the week, escapism is what spring break and the movies are all about. So come on, y’all. Hop in. Why you acting ’spicious?

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