“Voyeur,” the latest single release from James Blake’s upcoming album, Overgrown, works to create even more anticipation for the record’s upcoming release next month. Blake’s expressive vocals are taken over by gritty electronic elements, which further build upon the song’s emotional gravity.

James Blake

Republic Records

“Voyeur” progresses into a disorienting, electronic trip in just over four minutes. Blake’s vocals become indistinctive as different samples and sounds — from distorted sirens to cowbells — take over the track. While Blake’s vocals become less prominent as the song plays out, his notably deep and soulful voice still easily signifies “Voyeur” as a James Blake track. As the sounds and instrumentation in the song advance toward the abstract, it becomes reminiscent of artists like Burial or SBTRKT, who continue to combine elements of dance-y electronic and dubstep.

Despite the growing disorientation the song engenders, its contortion is what pulls listeners through until the end. Instead of losing itself, the track seems to grow and gain intrigue while creating its own exclusive sound, which will hopefully permeate throughout the rest of Overgrown.

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