Blake Lewis threw a curveball. “Your Touch” doesn’t sound like much while cruising through its opening verse, but once the wind gust begins to swoosh into the track, you know that a bass is sure to drop.

Blake Lewis

“Your Touch”
19 Recordings

The sharp, seductive style halts and things get dirty and dubby. Lewis either wins the crowd or loses them at this point. The former “American Idol” contestant encountered trouble with his debut album — an album that spat electronica a few too many years ahead of its time — so cross your fingers, Blake, and hope to avoid a repeat incident.

“Your Touch” is undoubtedly a sister track to Alex Claire’s “Too Close,” which would explain why Lewis’s new single is joining “Too Close” in advertisements for Internet Explorer — cringe. Fortunately, IE’s taste in music is far from its quality of browser.

With the proper promotion, Lewis could very well land a hit, assuming listeners don’t find the production similarities to be “too close” to Alex Claire.

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