I am writing to express my support for East Quad Residence Hall’s Meatless Monday event and encourage it and other campus dining facilities to make every Monday a Meatless Monday. Oftentimes, people’s first impression of the vegan lifestyle is one of repulsion. However, vegan food can be far more decadent and delicious than it is given credit for. What many fail to realize is that anything — from ribs to omelets to ice cream — can be made vegan. In addition, the benefits of the vegan lifestyle for the animals, environment and one’s health are too significant to ignore. Despite this, the apprehension of changing their diet and leaving behind their favorite foods often hold people back.

That’s why Meatless Mondays are a great step. This program gives meat eaters the opportunity to discover new vegan and vegetarian foods in a relaxed and experimental atmosphere. As a campus, we have enormous potential to preserve resources and save lives by simply eating vegan or vegetarian meals one day per week. I hope that by taking part in Meatless Mondays, students can become more open-minded to giving the vegan lifestyle a try.

Lia Vallina is an LSA freshman, Peta2 campus representative and president of the Michigan Animal Respect Society.

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