If there’s a checklist for animated movies, “Home,” the latest feature from DreamWorks, does its best to check all of them off during its first trailer. Outsider trying to make it in a new world? Anthropomorphic animals? An odd-couple pairing of said outsider with someone else, in a relationship from which they’ll both undoubtedly emerge as better people? Check, check, check. The film pairs an isolated alien (Jim Parsons, TV’s “The Big Bang Theory”) and a young girl (Rihanna, “Battleship”) on a journey that apparently may threaten the human race, but at the very least will uproot the Eiffel Tower. The animation is impressive enough, though it doesn’t appear significantly (if at all) better than anything else recently released. The humor of the film looks like it will ride heavily on the outsider-unaware-of-human-customs gag, which might just do it for you if you’re a fan of Jim Parsons, but otherwise will most likely seem worn out. “Home” hits theaters on Mar. 27.


20th Century Fox

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