After watching Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” it’s clear this is going to be one hell of finale. “Prey” was the second episode of the season to focus solely on Woodbury, and in doing so, addressed some of its residents’ shifting loyalties, including Andrea and Milton. After last week’s lifeless-as-a-zombie episode, this week brings “Dead” back from dead and reaffirms why it’s one of the most exciting shows on television.

The Walking Dead


During the hour, Milton seeks help from Andrea in order to deal with the Governor’s tyranny. Tyreese also reappears in front of Woodbury and seems to be having his own reservations about the Governor. But it’s Andrea who steals the show.

After realizing just how bad the Governor is, Andrea flees Woodbury. But when the Governor goes after her, she ends up his titular “prey.” The game of cat and mouse between the two is very similar to the penultimate episode of “Homeland,” though Carrie didn’t have both Abu Nazir and walkers to hide from. Not only was the climax of this episode one of the most tense and scary moments ever on “The Walking Dead,” it also featured the show’s best zombie kill (The Governor, in the building, with the shovel).

Overall, the episode is a marked improvement over the last. All it’s missing is the other half of the cast. It’s about time Rick finally gives the Governor a much-deserved ass kicking.

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