When “The Walking Dead” was renewed for 16 episodes last year, its largest order yet, I couldn’t have been happier. But as the second half of season three continues to drag on, I’m beginning to think less is more.

The Walking Dead

“Arrow on the Doorpost”

While part one of season three brought eight of the best “Dead” episodes ever, part two has gotten more tired and boring by the week. This week’s chapter, “Arrow on the Doorpost,” was no exception to the trend, delivering an episode that would have been avoided had the show not needed to fill its bloated episode quota.

“Arrow on the Doorpost” features the first meeting between Rick and the Governor as they attempt to negotiate a deal to end the feud between the prison and Woodbury. Elsewhere, Andrea’s increasingly hazy loyalty to the Governor continues to be challenged, while Merle has a tough time readjusting to his old group.

On the whole, season three of “The Walking Dead” has been amazing. The prison, Woodbury and the Governor have been great additions, and the final episodes will likely deliver action, thrills and several shocking deaths. However, the journey to the final few episodes has been taxing, and “Arrow on the Doorpost” is nothing more than filler before the final showdown.

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