After presenting the idyllic life and promise that Alexandria offered over the last two episodes, “The Walking Dead” reveals in the episode “Spend” the degree of incompetence and neglect beyond the well-kept community’s facade.

“The Walking Dead”

Season 5 Episode 14
Sundays at 9 p.m.

Considering all the challenges Rick (Andrew Lincoln, “Strike Back”) and his group have had over the course of the series, it is no small miracle that Alexandria hasn’t been taken down by a horde of zombies or a marauding band of humans. The presence of Rick and his battle-tested group continues to emphasize this fact as more than once they prevent total disaster.

The disastrous excursion by Glenn’s (Steve Yeun, “The Legend of Korra”) supply party to a military warehouse was the most notable. Both Alexandria citizens on the run prove to be liabilities that cost the group precious lives. This negligence is contrasted with Eugene (Josh McDermitt, “Mad Men”), the self-professed coward in Rick’s group, who was able to save the party at the end of the day. It’s a nice moment for the character who has struggled to define his identity as a survivor throughout his time on the series.

The greatest tragedy lies within the death of Noah (Tyler James Williams, “Everybody Hates Chris”). Noah’s discussion with Reg (Steve Coulter, “Banshee”) about learning to become an architect reinforces the promise the character had. However, due to the ineptitude of Alexandria’s residents, his future is cut short, and, if things stay the same, his won’t be the last dream to die.

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