Just a few days before New York Fashion Week, square, crinkled, plastic packages were sent to some of fashion and music’s biggest names. After a few cryptic instagrams of the anorak invites from Eva Chen and Khloé Kardashian appeared online, Kanye West revealed Yeezy Season 1, his sportswear collaboration with Adidas, would be shown on Feb. 12 as part of fashion week.

Yeezy Season 1 didn’t seem to be as much about the clothing, but more about West’s reasoning behind creating. He shared his philosophy in a voice recording before the models were illuminated in uniform rows.

“I want people to feel like it’s OK to create and follow what their dreams are and not feel boxed in. I want people to feel like awesome is possible,” he said.

West paired with conceptual artist Vanessa Beecroft to capture “the relentless pace of contemporary lives.” The collection featured many nude bodysuits à la Beecroft on models of all shapes and sizes. The ripped sweaters and oversize sweatshirts were not particularly new to the runway, but unique additions to an athletic wear line nonetheless. The jackets and outerwear, like the white shearling coat, were standouts as compared to the rather blah collection.

The line’s accessories — leg warmers, oversized backpacks and leather duffels — proved stronger than the muted bodysuits. The Yeezy Boost, a chukka boot inspired sneaker, was the show’s focus, and rightfully so. The sneaker showcases everything West stands for: innovation, beauty and simplicity.

Hate him or love him, Kanye’s determination to create is admirable. The collection, in terms of aesthetic quality, was not exactly comparable to Thakoon or Comme des Garçons. However, there is much to be said for West’s commitment to doing something different, even if it’s 30 plus looks involving tights.

He wanted to show that no artist should fear creating or awesomeness. West is consumed by the idea of what impact he will leave on the world. Some believe this to be arrogant or narcissistic, but aren’t we all trying to leave a positive impact, whatever that may be? Kanye is pursuing every different route of art in the hopes of a great effect. So what if he calls himself a designer? He’s trying, he’s creating, he’s promoting this lifestyle. And he has Anna Wintour’s backing.

But even if fashion isn’t his forte, West closed the show with his new single “Wolves” featuring Sia and it was dope.

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