Will Smith seems to own a new seriousness in his middle age — a more refined sense of limits and a less naïve sense of opportunities. Whether his personality will be able to dominate and guide “Focus” will determine the success of the movie. The more this movie gives to Will Smith, the more it’ll take away at the box office.


Warner Bros.

Margot Robbie’s character doesn’t feel trustworthy in any sense. She can’t be trusted with the flow of the action. She can’t be trusted with any clever quips or plot twists. She can’t be trusted by or with Smith. But it’s clear Smith is going to trust her when she reenters his life in the second half of the movie for the crescendo. If this movie is going to play out big, it needs Will Smith at the wheel through and through.

How much control is Smith going to concede to this blonde bombshell? How are things going to go wrong? No one’s expecting a blockbuster, but Smith’s magic might be able to spin this into something along the lines of a modern “Casablanca.”

We have to wait and see who screws who. It’ll be a worthy flick to see, no matter what.

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