Daily Arts Writer Conrad Foreman sat down with Facility and Programming Manager Brian Hunter of Ann Arbor’s State Theater to discuss the upcoming midnight screening of “Wayne’s World” and “Wayne’s World 2.”

Conrad: So, the first question I have to ask is obvious. “Wayne’s World” or “Wayne’s World 2”?

Brian: Oh, “Wayne’s World,” definitely. I gotta go with number one. The only sequel that I like better than the original is “Gremlins 2.” There are some movies where they just get it right the second time. As far as “Wayne’s World” goes, the original is just about perfect.

Conrad: Actually, because I knew I had this interview coming up, I popped in the original a couple nights ago — great movie.

Brian: Oh yeah. The fake bands that they have in the movie are pretty terrible, but other than that, fantastic.

Conrad: So I was wondering, since this current generation didn’t grow up watching the “Wayne’s World” “SNL” sketches, do you think most college students today are still familiar with the films?

Brian: I think a really good majority has seen these movies. It sounds sort of stupid to put such an emphasis on “Wayne’s World,” but I really think it was a touchstone for people. It was “Saturday Night Live” at a time and with a cast that I think carried a lot of weight. I think a very, very good number of college kids now know “Wayne’s World.” And if they don’t know the SNL sketch, then they know the “Bohemian Rhapsody” stuff.

Conrad: Yeah, I think kids still get the major pop culture references to the films. The first “Wayne’s World” offers several different ending possibilities. Your favorite?

Brian: I thought the “Scooby Doo” ending was pretty perfect for that movie. I don’t think the SNL sketches really write endings, because they don’t have to; the sketches just end. I think “Wayne’s World” was really smart because it gave several endings.

Conrad: Better “Wayne’s World” villain: Rob Lowe or Christopher Walken?

Brian: Christopher Walken is such a good villain, I think I have to give it to him. But I think Rob Lowe so perfectly captured the smarmy record industry guy in terms of getting the girl and screwing them over. He was perfect for the role.

Conrad: Much like his role in “Tommy Boy.”

Brian: Yeah, he made some money in the ’90s playing that villain

Conrad: But you have to admit, a little more impressive for Christopher Walken to get with Cassandra. He’s an older guy, and she’s a pretty good-looking lady.

Brian: I think Christopher Walken was the perfect foil for Mike Myers in “Wayne’s World 2.” They had really good interplay, and he was better than Rob Lowe for that reason.

Conrad: So why the double feature?

Brian: We showed “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” a while ago and right after I was kicking myself, thinking, “I should’ve showed ‘Bogus Journey.’ ” I didn’t want to have the same regret again. I think people want to stick around, so I was trying to be smart about it.

Conrad: And the films flow so well together, the sequel picks up right where the first one leaves off.

Brian: I think “Wayne’s World” is really the perfect double feature.

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