Rebecca Minkoff’s New York Fashion Week designs were an homage to the ’70s. The runway was filled with loosely styled cool girls wearing fringe, tall boots and deep, muted colors. The opening look was the perfect way to define the show — a brown and black combination of a peasant blouse and mini skirt topped with a vest. Other notable outfits included a look defined by a vibrant red peasant dress with a knee length leather jacket and an ankle length, fringe skirt paired with a cream blouse and a leather/fringe vest. The textures and fabrics of the pieces were a highlight of the collection. The fringe varied from white to black to brown, short to long, and are featured on the coats, dresses, skirts and boots. Other fabrics, such as leather, suede and wool, were paired with the fringe to balance out the intensity of the texture.

Minkoff’s looks define the contemporary approach to the trending Woodstock-esque styles that have been appearing on young adults since Coachella made music festivals fashionable. Minkoff’s approach to the relaxed style is countered by her tendency for structured pieces. In this collection, the most distinctive pieces were the outwear; the jackets, vests and coats layered over the models stealing the show. The pieces ranged from leather motorcycle jackets to ankle-length Sherpa coats. The collection offers many options for season transitions, as most of the pieces are layered. Any combination of the dresses, skirts, tops and bottoms can be mixed and matched, adding to the overall easy vibe of Minkoff’s inspiration, Patti Smith.

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