Without getting too aesthetic, it’s safe to say that at least two things near perfection in this world: Ryan Gosling and the trailer for “The Place Beyond the Pines.” From director Derek Cianfrance comes this tour-de-force exploring the nature of family, the strength of ambition and the bonds of fatherhood.

“The Place Beyond the Pines”


“The Place Beyond the Pines” examines the lives of motorcycle stunt driver Luke Glanton (Gosling) and policeman Avery Cross (Bradley Cooper). Glanton takes on the responsibility of caring for his newborn son. Without any real source of income and harrowed by the mistakes made by his father, Glanton considers robbing banks in order to provide for his son. Officer Crossis assigned to investigate the robberies. The two embark upon a wild, emotional collision course that constantly tests the wills of each man as they try to provide for their families.

A beautiful piano sequence introduces the film in a subtle, yet genuine fashion. It’s a story that takes a tender look into the lives of two men who, when faced with the ultimate responsibility of caring for a child, push the boundaries of sacrifice to the point of self-destruction.

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