Considering that, as a unit,, Britney Spears, Waka Flaka Flame, Lil Wayne, Diddy and Hit-Boy (the producer of “N*ggas in Paris”) have revolutionized a considerable amount of American pop culture over the last 15 or so years, the lack of effort and creativity put into the music video for their recent collaboration on “Scream & Shout (Remix)” is borderline appalling., Britney Spears, Hit-Boy, Waka Flaka Flame, Lil Wayne and Diddy

“Scream and Shout (Remix)”

The music video for the original song, with just and Britney, was minimalistic and sparse, yet packed short bursts of well placed energy. On the remix, director Ben Mor manages to erase any credibility he gained by directing the original. For the majority of the video, the six artists are featured behind a simple white or grey backdrop. And that’s about it. Mor attempts to mix it up by multiplying the images of the artists across the screen constantly to a somewhat decent result, and it’d be a shame not to compliment Britney’s Missy Elliott-invoking Adidas outfit or Waka’s bejeweled “Rich” beanie.

That being said, the overall absence of any artistic design is more than palpable. Funny enough, at the tail-end of the video, Mor sneaks in a few excellent scenes of psychedelic club lighting and fervent dancing — something that was needed throughout the entirety of the piece — but it’s too little and way too late. It looks like Mor let it all out on the original, because his effort on the remix comes off as disastrously flat.

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