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Beyonce Halftime Show


Super Bowl Halftime Show

Be honest: How many times have you watched and rewatched and rewatched the recording of Beyoncé’s omnipresent halftime show? If you’re pushing double digits, you’re not alone.

For approximately 13 minutes, Beyoncé put on the most explosive (literally — did you see that flaming guitar?) halftime performance the Super Bowl has ever witnessed, moving through some of her most recognizable hits (“Love On Top,” “Crazy In Love,” “Single Ladies”), inviting former sister soldiers Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams on stage for a Destiny’s Child throwback that had every independent woman on her feet and ending with a pitch-perfect rendition of “Halo” that put to rest any lingering rumors that Queen B needs a pre-recording to shine. At one point, Bey was her own backup dancers.

But it wasn’t just booty-shaking; it was groundbreaking. For 13 minutes, Beyoncé interrupted an evening dedicated to violent and macho-centric world of professional football. For 13 minutes, women — and mostly women of color — had control of the Superdome. From the lead guitarist to the saxophonist to the dance crew, Beyoncé filled the stage with an all-female cast of exceptional performers, providing the most diverse halftime experience there has ever been and possibly ever will be. Can we just let her do this every year?

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