The Michigan Daily apologizes to the family and friends of Madison Holleran.

Earlier this week, we published a Viewpoint article about Madison Holleran titled “Treating mental illness like a wound.” The Viewpoint contained a variety of errors and inaccurate statements. In response, we are retracting the Viewpoint and modifying the way we evaluate our community-submitted pieces in the future.

The Viewpoint had numerous mistakes regarding Holleran’s case. Linh Vu, the Viewpoint’s writer, relied on a PennLive article with multiple accounts other than those of the family of Madison Holleran. The Viewpoint misattributed a quotation, claiming that Madison Holleran’s mother had stated, “It’s not the kind of thing that you want shared in the halls of your high school, in fact, the fear was that it would be whispered behind her back if everyone knew.” This quotation was not from Mrs. Holleran, but from another mother of an athlete who had also struggled with depression. Mrs. Holleran has not made any statements to the press since her daughter’s passing.

Additionally, the Viewpoint claimed that Madison Holleran had struggled with the disorder since high school. This was also inaccurate. This information related to another student-athlete. The Viewpoint claimed that “Her mother, recounting Madison’s tumultuous journey, expressed that she once felt an odd notion that her daughter didn’t fit the mold of a psychiatric patient.” We could not find evidence of this statement.

Viewpoints can be written by anyone in the campus community. Vu wrote the piece as a response to her own friend’s death. She incorporated the news regarding the passing of Madison Holleran, a University of Pennsylvania athlete who committed suicide on Jan. 17, to urge the University of Michigan to refocus on mental health services.

The Michigan Daily expresses its sincerest apologies for this mistake. We regret any pain or anger that we have caused to Madison Holleran’s family and friends.

Madison Holleran’s passing deserved to be treated with the utmost respect and care, and The Michigan Daily failed to provide an accurate account of her life, struggle with depression and the due diligence that our community deserves. Going forward, our community Viewpoints will be subject to stronger scrutiny during the editing process.

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