There is now a red poster outside the Michigan Union touting a supposed smiley face whose lips are silenced (literally) and underneath are the words, “Liberal Thought Police.”

Well, talk about the need for a trigger warning. This poster mentions some lecture next week by a man named Jonah Goldberg. After Googling him, it turns out he’s a conservative editor for National Review Online and wrote a book called “Liberal Fascism.”

And these people, the oxymoronic Young Americans for Freedom, have the white heteronormative privilege to feature this kind of speaker — a reactionary, free-market fundamentalist — and then condescendingly say that there are “liberal thought police” among us.

The fact that this University now has students who will feature this speaker seems to strain far from what social justice demands — protecting oppressed identity groups from what they deem offensive.

I say that all decent liberals should go to Rackham Amphitheater, Feb. 12 at 7 p.m. to listen to Goldberg’s right-wing gobbledygook and then confront him in the Q&A and unmask the intellectual fascist this man and the people who support him really are.

Ryan Shinkel
LSA Senior

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