For those who may be slightly confused, not to worry: fashion month doesn’t actually begin until Feb. 12. So, what are all of the street style photographers, magazine heads and fashion houses posting runway videos of?

Some houses decide to create couture or pre-fall lines that are shown a couple weeks before fashion month. Unlike the ready-to-wear collections that are displayed in New York, London, Paris and Milan, the couture shows are really only directed toward a select few.

Without the public’s needs in mind, designers are free to create gowns and suits with no monetary restraints. The front rows are filled with those who can actually afford a custom Chanel gown, and the collections are a beacon of hope in a world that is dictated by sidewalk sensibility rather than designers’ artistry. Basically, it’s a time when Raf Simons of Dior can make an entire collection with thigh-high latex boots and it is considered amazing.

To begin, Valentino did what it does best with serious embellishments and embroidery, this time with a Russian twist. Everything about the show was romantic, from golden bodices to dresses stamped with ‘Amore.’ A runway highlight was a sky blue velvet gown with a sheer high collar, which could have easily been a costume for Gwyneth Paltrow in “Shakespeare in Love.”

As stated before, the Christian Dior show featured latex boots — lots of them. In addition to the multicolored rubber, there were geometric catsuits and painted raincoats. Heavily embellished minidresses and flouncy skirts were also in attendance. The real star of the show, the final piece — a black structured top, pleated embroidered ribbon skirt and a peek of colorful boots — showcased Simons’s modernist eye and ability to re-imagine.

Amid a runway decorated with origami flowers, sock booties and elegant hats prevailed. The collection paralleled the set nicely — simple, well-constructed tweed suits with sudden bursts of flowers adorning tulle-ridden skirts. The show ended with a jaw-dropping wedding gown that paired an entirely sequin-embroidered short-sleeved top and a train that looked like a white bed of flowers. Lagerfeld showed just how effortlessly he can reinvent the Chanel woman.

Donatella Versace, in an effort to spotlight the woman’s curvy form, revealed a line of evening dresses with swirling insets of nude mesh. While the black, white, red and royal blue caused a whirlwind on the runway, the looks were not as exquisite as other collections. Striking, yes, as per usual with Versace, but, the line lacked the overwhelming aura of hopeful romance and superb craftsmanship found at Dior or Chanel. However, her vision and intention were showcased attractively, as can be seen in the white cutout jumpsuit that showcased Karlie Kloss’s form.

Overall, the Spring 2015 Couture shows were entrancing spectacles. While you may not be able to pick out the latest trends or find new ways to wear your jeans and sweater, a quick glance through some photos from these bastions who defend the right of creativity and artistry is an absolute necessity.

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