Of the 16 original contestants on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” the entrepreneurial competition overseen by mac-daddy Donald Trump, only seven remain after this week’s episode. Not only are the teams shrinking, but Trump has definitely upped the ante: Instead of selling pies, contestants now have to sell Trump’s luxury Doral-Miami hotel, while showcasing the resort’s features with an interactive model. Judged by Trump’s stone-faced sons, Team Infinity won the challenge with their “attention to luxury,” while Team Vortex, headed by Kate Gosselin (“Kate Plus 8”), didn’t live up to Trump’s standards. As a result, Gosselin was fired. For the second challenge, the teams had to captain a boat tour around New York City; the winning team was determined by the passengers’ ratings. High expectations were held for “Deadliest Catch” Captain Sig Hansen, but his Hooters-themed party boat wasn’t received well by the family-friendly visitors — sinking Hansen right out of the competition.

“The Celebrity Apprentice”

Season 7 Episode 5
Mondays 8 p.m.

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