It’s those eyes, those big, crazy eyes — when you look into them, they don’t so much as look back, but stare deep into the soul. You’re transfixed, lost in an abyss. It doesn’t matter that one of them might be lazy, or they often appear puffy; rather, it’s what the eyes, those big Buscemi eyes stand for. They’re the eyes of a man who knows what he wants, who thinks big, who, when he orders coffee, demands it be filled no less than six times. But how many secrets do they hide? How far must we wade to get to that most base layer, that darkest shade of Mr. Buscemi?

It’s most refreshing to see a more fleshed out character in Mr. Grey, as portrayed in supercut by Mr. Buscemi. He’s now less a cardboard cutout, barely able to stand on his own, than a rounded character with faults, desires, even limits to that dark, erotic nature. When the going gets rough, he demands it stop. This Mr. Grey oozes power, maybe not the kind of power you were expecting, but a greater power all the same. Just look into his eyes, they’re calling … “Mr. Buscemi will see you now.”

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